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Letter Engraving & Copy Milling Machine (Speed cut M 99)

SPEED CUT-M99 Universal Letter Engraving Machine is built around a pantograph mechanism which permits the reproduction of two dimensional designs. In this machine a tracing stylus which is guided alo g a template or master controls a single-lip cutter ,which serves to reproduce the master on a reduced or a t-to-t scale. In the precision mechanical industries as well as in numerous other industries, this model has proved its usefulness, economy and matchless versatility in the field of letter engraving and other light milling work on preci ion mechanical parts.They are equally suitable for job work and for batch and mass production. The fact that Speed Cut Engraving Machine is the preferred choice in many industrial fields both at home and abroad testifies to the quality of its work and to its wide range of usefulness.

it is also possible to have engraving machine operated, after a relatively short instruction period, by female personnel, maximum economy in this case being ensured by time studies, by breaking jobs down into separate operations and by the use of properly designed jigs and fixtures.

In shops specializing in engraving work, the Speed Cut Engraving Machine have proved indispensable tools for the production of letterings, templates for letter engraving work, stamps, punches and the like. This Engraving Machine has been especially designed for engraving and lettering work on plane, crowned or circular work pieces such as are encountered in the production of jewellry, watches, toys, medals and control panels etc.

This Model has a still wider field of applications due to the greater area covered by its pantograph, it can be used for engraving, lettering and milling work on large size plates, signs and similar bulky work-pieces.

Construction :
This machine is designed for letter and line engraving and light milling work as encountered in various industries and trades. In many fields replication work can be easily carried out by female help. The light weight design of the Pantograph with play-free ball bearing joints for accurate work and easy tracing within the two dimensional working range. The antograph ratio can be set between 1:1 and the smallest 1:50. The high speed cutter spindle running is adjustable ball bearing.

Standard Equipment :

  • Set of spanners
  • One spring collets
  • Four clamps for copy holder table
  • Two clamps for work table
  • One tracer pin

Features :

  • Tool grinding attachment
  • Swivel Vice
  • Fixed Vice
  • Rotary Table
  • Copy setA to Z and Oto 9
  • Electric etching attachment
  • Roll engraving attachment


» Technical Data



  • Spindle speed range 1800 to 15000 R. P.M.
  • Spindle fine adjustment (3MM)
  • Spindle coarse adjustment (6.25 MM)
  • Spindle collet tapper 10o


  • Pantograph arm largest 1 : 1
  • smallest 1 : 50

Work Table

  • Longitudinal Travel (300 MM)
  • Main slide cross travel (150 MM)
  • Work table clamping area (300 x150 MM)
  • Work table up and down (250 MM)

Copy Holder Table

  • Copy holder table clamping area : (450x250 MM)
  • Max.Height between copy holder and pantograph arm : (20 MM)
  • Weight : 350 K.G. approximately